J Love Essentials

Self Love is your First Love



Hello Beautiful People My Name is Jennife and I'm here to Promote and Sell Self Love Products ...

Also to remind the World that We must Love on Ourselves first so we will never settle for lesser love ...

Self Love is our 1st Love because without Loving You first You can Not love anyone else the right way ..

So enjoy my Products I put so much Love into making them . I do believe we must create beautiful things and allow it all to come in threw Divine  Light ! 

I AM an Entrepreneur, Mother of three , With a Beautiful Spirit to Shine my Light . I believe Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and trust the process !!!

All of my Products are hand made with Love by me. 

Enjoy and God Bless !!

About My Online Store

Here is where you will find My ROSE GOLD HEART SOAPS , My Lavender Heart Soaps made with organic Shea butter coconut oil essential oils and Dried Flowers ..

Body Oils , My signature fragrance is "rose gold me " My Essential Oil are made with organic oils Soaked in dried flowers and edible Gold "Called Rose Gold Me 🌹"

Bath Soaks to soak and love yourself while you relax in the tub. Made with sea salt , Pink Himalayan salt, Dried Lavender , Rose petals , Hibiscus, Coconut milk Powder, bay leaves , espon salt and Rose Essential Oil .

Have your Lips extra Essential with my Lip gloss Called KISS ME ROSE 💋

Love Essentials

Made with Love from Love

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 Love Essential Scented Body Oils ❤

Hand-Made Lip Gloss with Love 💋

Hand-Made Bath Soak with Love ❤

Home Made Moisturizing Soap with Herbs  

Home-Made Pink Lip Scrubs 💋

Pink Rose Lip Balm 💋


Crystal Heart ❤ Charms ❤

Love Essential Charm Bracelets

Designer Charm Bracelets 

Mommy & Me Carm Bangles 

Custom Necklaces

Fanny Packs for little Girls 


Custom Scented Candles hand-made with Love ♥️ 

Yoni Steams Cleanses with Rose Quartz ❤

And More Jewerly !!!!