J Love Essentials

Self Love is your First Love


Price: 15.99 EUR
Whipped Cream Love butter I have small containers and Medium bottles Small Is $15.99 & Medium is $30.99

Yoni Herbs for Yoni Steam

Price: 10.66 EUR
Yoni herbs for Yoni steaming Crystal included

Ju Ju Bee Little Girl Charm Bracelets

Price: 5.00 EUR
custom design charm bracelets by Ju Ju Bee

Chanel pearl bracelet

Price: 10.00 EUR
Custom hand made Chanel beads made with crystals , all uniquely made

Fruit Flavor Body Oils

Price: 5.00 EUR
They come in different flavors : Strawberry fresh , Pineapple Vibe , Lemon & Lime , Orange Cream, Watermelon splash , & Sexy Apple .

Custom Designer Charm Bracelets

Price: 15.15 EUR
J Love Essential Custom Designer Charm Bracelets All made with love and unique!!! comes in SLIVER ,GOLD & ROSE GOLD $15.15 EACH

Crystal Infused Body Oil

Price: 15.00 EUR
Love Essential Crystal infused Oil # 1: Lavender Essential Oil for calming, relaxing & it Smells amazing Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Helps balance, and invokes a romantic, sensual vibe. Crystal: Amethyst:A natural tranquilizer that relieves stress, aids in positive thinking and helps to bring your dreams into a lucid state. Also use for protecting your energy. Crystal Infused Body Oil #2 Bergamot Essential Oil : Known to open your heart chakra has a calming effect on both the mind & body Rose Essential Oil: An arousing, stimulating smell that works with your pheromones to enhance your personal scent Also Roses dried or fresh promotes Love vibrations welcoming love into energy self love or attraction!!! Crystal: Rose Quartz This is the crystal of unconditional love. Enjoy this love Oil

Botanical Essential Oil "Rose Gold Me" & "Lily me

Price: 10.00 EUR
Everyones LOVES to Smell amazing Try my New Fragrance Scents Called Rose Gold Me & Lily Me All Up : Oils contain Organic Essential Oils such as Almond Oil, Coconut Oil , Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Rose & Lily Oil infused in Dried Roses and Lily Flowers :)


Price: 12.12 EUR

Moisturizing with herbs Love Soap Rose or L

Price: 5.55 EUR
Hand made Soap made with LOVE only $5.55 Try some : Rose Gold Soap Or Lavender Me Up Soap by J LoVe Essentials Made with Shea Butter , Coconut Oil, Almond Oil , Rose & Lavender Essential Oil and Dried Roses & Lavender .. ( Rose Soap has Edible Gold in mixer )

Lip Care Pack

Price: 11.00 EUR
Love Essentials Lip Care Packs includes: PINK ROSE Only $11 1 Lip Balm 1 Lip scrub 1 Lip Gloss

Lash Growth Oil

Price: 6.66 EUR
Lash oil made to help with growth made with organic Oils

LoVe Essentials Bath Soak

Price: 10.00 EUR
Love Essential Bath Soak is filled with love made with Love and smells amazing , Treat your whole body to a bath full with organic herbs: Dried Rose Petals, Lavender ,Hibiscus, Coconut Milk Powder, Bay leaves, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Epson Salt and Most of all Essential Oils :)

Pink Rose Lip Balm

Price: 4.44 EUR
Made with LOVE Lip Balm added HoneySuckle Essential Oil, dried Rose petals

Home Made Pink Honey Lip Scrubs

Price: 3.33 EUR
Home Made Lip Scrubs made with Sugar , Honey & Almond Oil Made with Love

Love Charms Bracelets (Sliver)

Price: 11.11 EUR
Sliver hand made Love Charms made with Love by Love Essentials

Lil Sis Lip Gloss for girls

Price: 5.00 EUR
Baby Pink & aqua Blue Mermaid Love Essential Gloss

Kiss Me Rose Lip Gloss & Life Is Golden Lip Gloss

Price: 5.00 EUR
Add some Lip Gloss to your Make up bag with Love Essential Lip Glosses ( Made with Love ) Try my Kiss Me Rose Lip Gloss & Life is Golden Lip Gloss for only $5.00 Organic Lip Base with Organic Dried Roses & Essential Oils Smells & Fells amazing on your lips